[Help Wanted] CSA Seeking Underground Miners


Are you looking for a long-term career in the mining industry?  Have you been told that you need to gain mining experience before you can be hired on a mine site?  Are you willing to work SAFELY and learn most all the aspects of underground mining?   CSA has 10+ open positions available for people that have or would like to gain mining experience.



Must have current MSHA Certification or current Annual Refresher

Prior to hire, must complete all necessary MSHA training

Physical Requirements

Ability to work up to 12 hour shifts, both days or nights

Ability to routinely lift 50 lbs.

Ability to work within confined spaces and in the dark

Ability to kneel, bend and stoop down for prolonged periods of time.

Ability to work free of any medications, OTC drugs, or other supplements that impede concentrations, focus, judgment, observation, or otherwise perform all work tasks safely.

Must be able to pass company required background screen

Please go to Csa.jobs and click on the “click here to view current CSA job postings”

And apply for the underground miner position in Rock Springs.

(Job posting avialable until September 14th)

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