2017 Property Assessments in the Mail

Within the next few days, County residents will be receiving their 2017 Notice of Value according to Pat Drinkle, Sweetwater County Assessor.  Please take the time to look over the notices, as they will be the basis for the 2017 property taxes being mailed in September.

Homes are valued by calculating the replacement cost new, subtracting depreciation, and then trending for sales.  The sales information collected during calendar year 2016 is used to value property for tax year 2017.   There was an increase in residential sales prices which will contribute to an increase in values for the coming year.  In 2016 there were 529 valid residential sales in Sweetwater County with a median sale price of $249,490.  Commercial properties will also see a small increase in value due to overall sales for the last few years.

Please review the information on the Notice of Value.  If you are in disagreement with the value of your property, you have 30 days from the “Date Mailed” to file an appeal.  The first step in this process is an informal review and discussion with the Assessor.

If you have been receiving the Veteran’s Exemption, and there is not an amount in the lower right hand corner of the Notice of Value, please contact the assessor’s office by May 22nd, 2017 to receive the exemption for the 2017 tax year.  The taxes you see on the Notice of Value do not reflect the Veteran’s Exemption.

After looking over your assessment schedule, if you have any questions or concerns about the valuation of your property, please call or stop by the Assessor’s office located in the Courthouse in Green River.

Phone numbers are – Green River   872-3700 – Rock Springs 922-5200.

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