4A State Boys High School Swim and Diving Meet Results

The Boys 4A State High School Swimming and Diving meet wrapped up this afternoon. Here are the area teams results.

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

2. Green River (Michael Richmond, Ethan Moffatt, James King, Lane Hutchison)

10. Rock Springs (Ron DeFauw, Talon Thomas, Anthony Erramouspe, Conley Searle)

11. Evanston (Jayden Cornell, Ben Cook, Reed Robinson, Vince Bloomfield)

Boys 200 Yard Free

5. James Spicer (Rock Springs)

11. Dylan Phillips (Evanston)


Boys 200 Yard IM

2. Michael Richmond (Green River)

4. Ron DeFauw (Rock Springs)

Boys 50 Yard Free

3. James King (Green River)

Boys 1 Meter Diving

4. Coleton Spalding (Green River)

10. Alex Grajada (Green River)

11. Miles Moffatt (Green River)

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

2. James King (Green River)

12. Logan Johnson (Green River)

Boys 100 Yard Free

4. Michael Richmond (Green River)

Boys 500 Yard Free

2. Ron DeFauw (Rock Springs)

3. James Spicer (Rock Springs)

4. Dean Lyon (Green River)

6. Dylan Phillips (Evanston)

Boys 200 Yard Free Relay

7. Rock Springs (Ron DeFauw, Talon Thomas, Conley Searle, Anthony Erramouspe)

10. Evanston (Ben Cook, Colter Camphouse, Caleb Richins, Dylan Phillips)

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

1. Ethan Moffatt (Green River)

9. Jason Richmond (Green River)

10. Logan Johnson (Green River)

Boys 400 Yard Free Relay

3. Green River (James King, Lane Hutchison, Dean Lyon, Michael Richmond)

9. Rock Springs (Ron DeFauw, Anthony Erramouspe, James Spicer, Talon Thomas)

10. Evanston (Colter Camphouse, Ben Cook, Caleb Richins, Dylan Phillips)

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