Additional Information Fire at Classic Roads Motor Inn

On April 12, 2018, at 7:20 pm, the Rock Springs Fire Department (RSFD) was dispatched via the 911 system to 1100 Elk St for a report of smoke coming out the exterior of the building in the vicinity of room 20. Three RSFD fire apparatus responded with 10 firefighters in all. Rock Springs Police Officers at the scene reported that all occupants had been evacuated from the affected building. No flames were visible at the time of arrival; however light smoke was observed inside the room.


Elk Street Command was established and upon investigation, light smoke and embers were located at the A/D corner of the building (the “A” side is generally the entrance side; B-C-D moving clockwise progressing around the building). The exterior wall paneling was pulled from the area where smoke and embers were observed and a water extinguisher used to extinguish the fire in conjunction with a thermal imaging camera to locate and cool all hot spots and ensure that the fire was completely out.


The cause of the fire was undetermined after investigation; however, the owner of the Motel was advised to have the power disconnected from the building until it could be evaluated by a licensed electrician as faulty wiring could not be ruled out as a potential cause of ignition.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported. Elk Street Command was dissolved and all units clear of the scene at 8:14 pm.

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