BLM To Apply Magnesium Chloride To Road Near Pinedale

Warren Bridge Campground
Photo Credit: Bureau Of Land Management

PINDALE, Wyo. – The Bureau of Land Management Pinedale Field Office will be applying a magnesium chloride solution to BLM Road 5201, also known as Warren Bridge Road, on Aug. 10, 2017. The road runs along the Green River north of the Warren Bridge Campground.  PFO is applying this solution to the road in anticipation of increased traffic during the upcoming solar eclipse.  The treatment will help to stabilize the road surface and reduce the amount of dust that would otherwise be created.


Travelers are advised to avoid this road during and immediately after the application of the solution, as it is difficult to remove from vehicles. Also, driving on the road before the treatment has cured can reduce its effectiveness. If a traveler does drive on the road during treatment, removal of the solution works best while it is still moist using a non-mechanized car wash.

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