Chief Pacheco vs Sheriff Lowell: Who Will Win?

One of the area’s law enforcement officials will have pink hair or a shaved head as Sheriff Mike Lowell and RSPD Chief Dwane Pacheco compete head-to-head raising funds to fight breast cancer.

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Sheriff Lowell and Chief Pacheco will raise funds through September 7th for a team of local women—Wyoming Women Hoofin It For Hope. The team plans to walk in the Susan G. Komen three-day 60-mile walk in San Diego in November. In order to be eligible to walk in the event, each team member must raise $2300.


To help raise money for the cause, Sheriff Lowell and Chief Pacheco have agreed to accept donations with consequences for the law official with the least amount raised. The one who raises the least amount of money will choose if he wants to have his hair dyed pink or his head shaved. The color pink is in honor of breast cancer, and the coloring will be done by local hair dresser Kathy Green.

Donations may be dropped off at Dick Boettcher’s State Farm Office at 906 Dewar Drive in Rock Springs, or at Country Home Mortgage at 2001 Dewar Drive Suite 260. Donations may also be made at the law enforcement agency of choice or by contacting Toni VanValkenburg at 307-922-2146.

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