Counterfeit $50 Bills Reported in Sweetwater County

money-181883_640Fraudulent fifty dollar bills have recently been reported in Sweetwater County.

The Green River Police Department has had two counterfeit $50 bills reported since Thursday, June 16. Both fake bills were passed at separate Loaf ‘N Jug locations in Green River. One was reported on Thursday, and one was reported on Friday.

The Rock Springs Police Department has had one reported counterfeit $50 bill which was reported on Friday. The incident is still under investigation.

“Be aware if someone’s trying to make a minimum purchase—buying a one or two dollar item with a fifty dollar bill,” said Detective Luke Benson with the Green River Police Department.

Benson advises those handling money to watch incoming bills for security features, like the magnetic strip to the right of the portrait and color changing ink on the bottom right-hand corner. He also advises to utilize counterfeit pens to mark the bills if possible.

If anyone does come across a counterfeit bill, call dispatch immediately at 875-1400. If possible, get a description of the person believed to have passed the bill and a description of their vehicle.

Click here for more information on how to detect fake $50 bills.

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