County To Upgrade Website

The Sweetwater County website will get a new look in the coming months.

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A request to start a new Website Committee to redesign the County’s website was approved by the Board of County Commissioners during their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.

According to County Information Technology Director Tim Knight, the  current website is not easily accessed and navigated by mobile devices. Despite this, nearly 30% of the website’s visits come from mobile devices like smart phones or tablets. With a significant increase in mobile visits, Knight requested to reorganize the Website Committee.

Knight has already made requests of three vendors for proposals to update and host a “responsive design” website. Knight said a responsive design website differs from a mobile friendly website in that responsive design sites automatically adjust content based on the device being used.

The role of the Website Committee will be to evaluate prospective vendors, select the proper path, and then upgrade the site. The estimated time for this is four to five months. Knight said in the request that costs could be structured in a way to be absorbed into the existing budget.

In addition, the new website will be designed to meet standards for those with disabilities to easily access the site.

The County’s website was last updated in 2012.

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