Despite High Eclipse Traffic, Memorial Hospital Has Typical Monday

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County was prepared for any situation which could arise during the solar eclipse on Monday, but the day turned out to be a typical one at the hospital.

1st Bank June

MHSC emergency management staff and department leaders planned for months for potential emergency scenarios.

It was unknown how many people would travel to and through Sweetwater County for the astronomical event, but the hospital planned for an increase in people and medical emergencies.

Health concerns included things like heat stroke, altitude sickness, trauma from car crashes, snake bites, wildlife related injuries, dehydration, and more.

With all the preparation, though, the hospital didn’t see a dramatic increase in patients leading up to and during the eclipse.

“It was a typical Monday at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. Fortunately, MHSC health care providers and staff saw little in the way of medical emergencies related to the eclipse,” said Deb Sutton, Marketing and Public Relations Director at MHSC. “The days leading up to the event, as well as the day following, proved to be business as usual. Area residents and visitors did a great job of staying safe and remaining calm with all of the extra people and traffic.”

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