Dish Network Phone Scam Circulating

(Rock Springs / Green River, Wyo. – February 22, 2018)     Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell issued a scam alert Thursday concerning swindlers posing as employees of Dish Network, the popular satellite television service.

Callers pretending to be Dish Network representatives are calling actual Dish Network users in Sweetwater County, using spoofed or masked caller identification numbers to make it appear the calls are genuine. They inform their intended victim their software needs to be updated and ask for credit card information to pay for the “service.”


These callers have no connection to Dish Network; their sole objective is to obtain credit card information.

Lowell recommends that anyone receiving such a call hang up and call Dish Network (or whatever company the caller claims to be with) to determine if the call is genuine.

“And most important of all, never provide such a caller with any personal or financial information,” he said.  “We need to get the word out on this as far and as quickly as possible. To avoid anyone else being victimized, please help us get this warning out, especially via social media.”

Lowell also said it’s particularly important to make family members or friends who are seniors aware of the scam, as they are often especially targeted.

For more information on this and many other fraud schemes, law enforcement officials recommend the FBI website at

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