Fatal Shooting In Albany County Investigated As Self-Defense

Authorities in Albany County are investigating a shooting death which occurred this weekend as self-defense.


According to information from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Matthew Butrick, 43, died in a shooting on Forest Service Road 701 on Pole Mountain on Saturday. An investigation found that Brice Page, 27, shot Butrice during an altercation. Both men are from Laramie County.

Crews from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Laramie Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol and Wyoming State Parks Police responded to the location at about 1:22 p.m. on Saturday.

Details of the investigation revealed that at approximately 1 p.m., Brice Page was traveling on Forest service road 701 and observed a multicolored Dodge truck that appeared to be chasing two subjects riding ATVs. Page observed the truck run the ATV’s off the road along a group of trees. Matthew Butrick was allegedly seen exiting the truck and began to assault one of the subjects on the ATV. The riders of the ATVs were determined to be 15 years old.

As Page and his family approached the scene, Brice yelled at Butrick to stop the assault. Butrick turned his focus to Page and threatened to assault him for not minding his own business. Page reported that the two minors prepared to leave the area. Page pulled his vehicle further up the road well past the others, and waited to ensure everyone left safely.


While Page was waiting for everyone to leave, Butrick got into his vehicle, turned around and parked just in front of Pages vehicle. Butrick then allegedly exited his truck and began approaching Page on foot.

At this time Page exited his vehicle to move away from his wife and young children. Butrick’s approach was reportedly aggressive, and he was not speaking.

Page began retreating backwards ordering Butrick to stay back multiple times, but Butrick continued to move forward.

Page then drew a firearm from an open carry holster and pointed it at Butrick, ordering him to stay back or he would shoot. Butrick continued to advance towards Page. After retreating backwards approximately 20 feet, Page fired his weapon. The shot fatally wounded Butrick. The distance between the two subjects at the time the shot was fired was approximately three feet.

The case is being investigated as self-defense, and the Albany County Attorney’s Office will review the case to determine if any charges will be filed.

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