Five Questions With… Kathi Fine, Wild Horse and Burro Program Assistant

For this week’s Five Questions With, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program Assistant Kathi Fine answers questions about the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

1.A wild horse adoption event is taking place this weekend. When and where is the event, and are there any other events coming up?

​Adoption: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m​, July 7 – 8 – Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility located on Lionkol Road

Approximately 40 horses for adoption ages 1 yr. – 5 yrs. old – filly yearlings, gelding yearlings and older mares and geldings.

Future events include:

-July 21-31 Cheyenne Frontier Days – Daily Demonstrations – Adoption July 28 @ 5 pm (Competitive Bid)

-August 26 & 27 Youth and Mustang & Veteran and Mustang Competitions and adoption @ Sweetwater Events Complex in  Rock Springs WY. Trained animals available for adoption

-September 8 & 9 Wyoming Honor Farm adoption. Preview on Fri. Sept. 8 and adoption by competitive bid on Sat. Sept. 9.​

2. What is the process for adopting a wild horse or burro?​

1) Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

2) Adopted animal must remain in the United States until titled. (Eligibility occurs on its 1 year anniversary.)

3) Applicant must have no convictions of inhumane treatment of animals or violation of the Wild Free – Roaming Horses & Burros Act.

4) Applicant must provide a facility with access to feed, water, and shelter. NOTE: Facility refers to enclosed area such as corral, barn, stall, etc. Approval is not based on pasture fence height, but the height of the enclosed area.

5) Applicant must have a facility that meets: Minimum of 400 sq. feet of corral space per animal, i.e. 20’ X 20’ (untrained animals), Minimum of 144 sq. feet per animal, 12’ X 12’ (trained animals that are exercised daily), Suitable materials: pipe panels, wood post, planks (min. 1.5” thick), horse fence ( V Mesh or 2” X 4” square), 5’ High for yearling or gentled horse of any age, 6’ High for an ungentled horse two years or older, 4.5’ High for a burro of any age, Shelter that meets the minimum requirements chart for wild horses and burros based on the state or region in which the animal resides, unless otherwise stipulated by the authorized officer

6) Applicant must provide a stock or horse trailer with a rear swing gate and covered top. Provided the dividers are removed or folded back, slant trailers are acceptable. Drop-ramps are acceptable if there is an additional back gate to the trailer. Two-horse trailers approved on case-by-case basis.

3. Where can the public view wild horses and burros?

​The public can view wild horse at the Rock Springs corrals or kiosk. Tours are available by appointment at the corrals. Call Kathi Fine, Wild Horse and Burro Program Assistant at 307-352-0292​.

There are no burros in WY.​

4. Why are wild horse populations managed?

​For healthy range lands and healthy horses.

5. What kinds of things do you do for public outreach?

​Tours for various groups such as Boy Scouts, seniors, Head Start, schools (all ages), tourists, anyone who would like to know about the Wild Horse and Burro Program.​

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