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In this week’s edition of “5 Questions With…” we interviewed local rock band ZamTrip about their upcoming show at the Music For Vets event this Saturday at the American Legion Tom Whitemore Post 28 in Green River. Band members include Cory Zampedri, Samantha Newman, Cody Zampedri, and Kyle Zampedri.

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How did the “Music for Vets” event get started?

About four years ago we were sitting around talking, trying to figure out what we could do to get all of the local artists together for one show. We figured if we got a lot of different genres of groups together we could bring a lot of people to the event and raise money for a charity. The first thing we thought was, ‘What’s a better cause than to give back to the brave men and women who have served our country?’ We got a hold of different acts such as The Wade Willson Project, Phatt Lipp, Navarre and many other artists. We partnered up with the Green River American Legion for this benefit show because they’re all for doing whatever it takes to make the event as successful as possible every year.

What do you guys do with the money you raise from the event?

The money that is raised from this event goes directly to a veterans relief fund. If there is a veteran who needs medical assistance, food, monetary support, or any other help,  the money raised at this benefit will go to them. We do multiple things at each show to try to raise as much money as possible. Businesses and the people of Sweetwater County donate money or buy raffle items each year. This year we have had people sending us stuff to raffle off from all over the country.  We also sell “Music For Vets” shirts every year and have a cover charge of $10 for every person. Every cent of all of that money goes straight into the relief fund at the Green River American Legion.

This year’s show is on Saturday, January 6th. Which bands/artists are included in the line-up?

We try our best every year to bring in amazing musicians that everyone will enjoy. This year we expanded out of Wyoming and got artists, not only from across the nation, but also from another country. From Rock Springs we have YT and Tone as well as Chuck Dittman and Amy Rasdall. From Salt Lake City, UT, we have Morgan Whitney and Az-Iz. All the way from Australia, we have Nick Roberts (Nicholas Rage) otherwise known as the lead singer of October Rage. Another band that will be a part of the line-up is Filthy Sweet from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Us guys and gal in ZamTrip will be be hitting the stage directly before this year’s headliner, Scarlet Canary from Denver, Colorado. The event starts at 6 pm at the Green River American Legion and is all ages.

Can people still donate to the cause if they can’t make it to the show?

Yes, people can donate to this cause anytime throughout the year. All they have to do is stop in to the Green River American Legion and donate the the Veterans Relief Fund.

Any other upcoming ZamTrip shows we should know about?

January 19th and 20th we’ll playing at the Saddle-Lite Saloon.

Thanks for the interviews guys (and gals!). For more about ZamTrip check out their website here and their Facebook page here.


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