Green River Animal Control Advises Residents On Personal Wildlife Traps

The Green River Animal Control has released the following statement on how using personal traps for wildlife on your property.


If you use a personal live animal trap, you are responsible for transporting the animal to the Animal Control Shelter. We will accept domestic animals only and for Officer safety, we cannot unload any personal traps.

If you have a problem with wildlife ie; skunks, badgers, raccoons, squirrels, etc. Animal Control can help. We have specific traps for these animals. Please do not use personal traps to catch wildlife. For Officer safety, Animal Control can only pick up wildlife in the designated Animal Control traps.

Animal Control also has traps for domestic dogs and cats. Animal Control will come to pick up the trap and transport the domestic animal to the Animal Control Shelter. You just have to call Dispatch 307-875-1400 between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Please do not leave an animal in a trap overnight or outside unprotected from the weather.


For more information, you can contact Animal Control at 307-872-0570 to ask how to get a trap.

All who use personal traps must be in compliance with local ordinances and/or laws, including Federal and /or State laws regarding wildlife.…/gr…/codes/code_of_ordinances…

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