Green River High School Updating Library Into Up-To-Date Media Center

Green River High School is moving forward with updating their library to an up-to-date media center.

Over the past three years, Green River High School has worked to bring their library to a 21st century media center.

The school has upgraded materials in the High School’s library to better fit the need of students who have primarily utilized the location for computers and other technology, according to Green River High School Principal Darren Howard.

While the library has housed a variety of books for student check-out, many of those books have not been used in many years.

The school has removed several boxes of books from the library, most of which have remained within the school. Department heads brought books corresponding to their subject into their specific departments rather than keep them in the media center.

The books which were not utilized by the various departments were donated to local organizations. Howard said the books removed from the school were only those which have not been checked out since the 1990’s or are very outdated.

Unfortunately, some of the books were so outdated that the school’s departments and other organizations were unable to find a use for them. Howard said those outdated materials, such as encyclopedias from the 70’s and 80’s and a “How To Be a DJ,” book highlighting the use of 8-track tapes, will likely be discarded.

The media center will still have several books available for student checkout, though. The facility has 18 book shelves remaining with sections including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and specific content-related literature.

Beginning next year, Green River High School will increase their technology in the media center by adding 25 chrome boxes, 25 chrome books, 15 iPads, 25 Dell computers with Microsoft applications, and five Amazon e-readers donated by the Rotary Club.

In addition, GRHS is adding café style tables and stools along with a multi-function couch which can be reconfigured to different shapes and arrangements to accommodate group needs.

Students at Green River High School already have access to the Sweetwater County Library database from school, and incoming freshman are provided a library card and instruction on how to use the County Library’s website.

While the new upgrades will be utilized next year, some are already in use by students in the media center.

Many of the upgrades will take place over the summer months.

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