Green River And Rock Springs High School Speech And Debate Results

Over the weekend Green River High School welcomed over 250 high school students from 14 different schools to compete in a Speech and Debate Tournament.  Here are the results for Green River and Rock Springs debaters, submitted by Jason Grub, Assistant Green River High School Speech and Debate Coach:

Green River High School Results:

Alexandira Erdmann & Madi Young finished 3rd in novice Policy Debate.

For the second time this season, novice Lincoln Douglas Debate closed out — Caeden Grubb and Laura Cecilia tied for 1st Jessica Petri finished 3rd.

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Trista Parry & Eli Thomas tied for 5th in novice Poetry Interpretation.

Trista Parry & Amber Gambles, 1st place and Elijah Kropf & Eli Thomas, 2nd in novice Duo Interpretation.

Nele Kohler,  4th in novice Oratory

Jaron Shereda, 1st place, Amber Gambles, 2nd, Elijah Kropf,  3rd and Wolfgang Dittman, 4th in novice Humorous Interpretation.

Kami Lloyd, 3rd and Jaron Shereda, 5th in novice Dramatic Interpretation.

Competing in semifinals – Laura Cecilia in novice Humor, Olivia Nielsen & Elora Siler in novice Poetry, Caeden Grubb in novice Oratory

Jessica Petri was awarded Best Speaker in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate and Amber Gambles was awarded Best Novice All Around, an award to the novice who places the highest in the most events.


Rock Springs High School Results:  

CeeJay Berg, 1st place in Congressional Debate. Also tied for 4th place in Dramatic Interpretation with Brendan Kachnowski, who also took 2nd in Program Oral Interpretation.

Lilly Jensen, 4th in Program Oral Interpretation and 1st place in Poetry (novice division).

Amaya Hayes and Adley Robbins broke to semifinals in Program Oral Interpretation, Amaya Hayes also broke to semifinals in Dramatic Interpretation and Poetry.

Parker Gardner broke to semifinals in Informative Speaking

Esther Bae, 3rd in novice Extemporaneous Speaking.

Madie Corbitt was awarded Best Speaker in Lincoln Douglas Debate.

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