Final Performance Of “The Crucible” Tonight For The GRHS Theater

The Green River High School Theater program will be on stage tonight for their final performance of the“The Crucible”. The performance will begin at 7 pm in the GRHS Theater. 




Bradlee W. Skinner, GRHS Theater Director selected The Crucible for the first show of the season as it ties in well to the Halloween and Fall seasons, but more importantly it connects directly to the Language Arts curriculum in the high school. To appeal to the teen demographic, Skinner will feature one production a year that comes directly from the course students are studying in the high school. Whether from a novel student reading in their English classes or revolving around a key event in history the kids learn of in their Social Studies courses; plays like The Crucible may peak student interest and improve their understanding.



Sophomore Tristan Higbee takes to the stage in his first lead role as John Proctor. The Crucible also features a haunting performance by Sandra Figenser as Abigail Williams, Kamryn Ferrell as Elizabeth Proctor and Raymond Garcia as Deputy Governor Danforth along with a supporting cast of talented students working together to tell a well-crafted story.

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