Grizzly Bear Tracks Documented East Of Cody

CODY– Biologists with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have documented grizzly bear tracks on public land east of Cody.

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Bear Wise Coordinator Dusty Lasseter said that grizzly bear tracks were verified yesterday on Bureau of Land Management land near Sunset Rim.  “This serves as a good reminder that bears are still active this time of year and often move to lower elevations,” Lasseter said.  “Landowners in the vicinity should be aware and report sightings or bear activity to the Cody Game and Fish office.”

“Game and Fish staff will continue to monitor the situation,” Lasseter said.   “At this time, there is no indication that the bear has localized in the area.  While grizzly bear tracks were verified, no observations of the bear have been reported.”

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Game and Fish reminds anyone recreating in areas that could be occupied by bears to be “bear aware” and take precautions to reduce the potential for conflicts.  Learn more about staying safe in bear country at

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