GRPD Investigates Vehicle Eggings

The Green River Police Department responded to two reports of vehicles being egged this weekend.


The GRPD is investigating two instances of vehicles which were egged on Friday night or Saturday morning. Both cases were reported on Saturday.

One vehicle was egged outside a residence on Madison Avenue, and the other was egged outside a residence on Schultz Street. The locations are in close proximity to each other.

Green River Public Information Officer Luke Benson said the cases are currently under investigation, and he was not aware of any damage reported.

Benson said it is possible for eggs to damage the paint of vehicles. If damage does occur, the perpetrator(s) could be charged with Malicious Mischief. If no damage occurs, Benson said those throwing the eggs could still be guilty of Throwing Projectiles which is against city ordinance.

There have been three reports of vehicles being egged in Green River this month. Police received a similar report on October 8th when two vehicles were egged at a location on E. 2nd N.

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