Hospital Board Votes To Extend Dr. Dansie’s Contract

From left to right: Dr. David Dansie, D.O., Trusteee Barbara Sowada, Trustee Richard Mathey, and Trustee Taylor Jones

The Board of Trustees for Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County voted to offer a six-month contract extension to Dr. David Dansie, D.O. during a special meeting today.

Trustee and Board Chair Richard Mathey said Dr. Dansie’s contract was expired or near expiration. The board unanimously approved the motion to offer Dr. Dansie the six-month extension.

In addition, the board voted to authorize the CEO to sign documents to terminate the Keller McIntyre contract. Trustee Barbara Sowada said Keller McIntyre is a grant writing firm which is still under contract with the hospital but has not been used for some time.

Also during the meeting, the board asked Sowada to create a CEO job description and outline the hiring process with the cooperation of the hospital’s Human Resources Dept.

The Trustees also briefly discussed the physician contracting process. Mathey said the Board has not had a part in the physician contracting process in the recent past. Mathey said physicians’ salaries are a big part of the budget and should be reviewed by the Trustees.

The Board also requested information on various affiliations, Memorandums of Understanding, and contracts between the hospital and other outside groups. A list of such agreements will be provided to the board.

Trustee Taylor Jones also said that he and other hospital personnel have met with Commissioner John Kolb on the topic of Title 25. More information on that topic can be found here:

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