Local Residents Issue Thank You To Those Who Donated Fans

Sweetwater County School District Number One received 82 fans this school year for use in classrooms which saw soaring temperatures.


Per OSHA regulation, the district was required to ensure all fans met standards. This increased the time to place fans in classrooms and temperatures in schools without central air saw high temperatures at the beginning of the school year. Local residents worked to collect fans which met requirements from local businesses.

Eighty two fans were donated to Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs Junior High, Overland Elementary and Desert View Elementary.


Residents Stephanie Barker and Liz Curtis issued the following thank you to those who donated fans.

We would like to thank the following companies for their contributions in getting fans for the schools that needed them: Home Depot, Tata Chemicals, Black Butte Coal, R.P. Oilfield, Freedom Oilfield and Whisler Chevrolet. We would also like to thank the anonymous ones for their contributions as well.  The schools couldn’t have got all the fans they did without all of your help.  The schools who received the fans were Overland Elementary,  Desert View Elementary,  Rock Springs Junior High and Rock Springs High School.  Thank you again for all of your help it was greatly appreciated. 

Thank You,

Liz Curtis and Stephanie Barker

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