Memorial Hospital Earns Quality Excellence Award

ROCK SPRINGS – Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has qualified to receive the 2017 Hospital Quality Excellence Award.

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Mountain-Pacific Quality Health will present the award Aug. 10 during the 2017 Wyoming Quality Conference in Casper.

“Our patients are the real winners,” said MHSC Interim CEO Irene Richardson. “MHSC is committed to providing quality care to our patients. It’s our No. 1 priority.”

The award reflects “how well hospitals meet the health care needs of their patients and communities,” according to Mountain-Pacific. The organization believes strong leadership support is a vital characteristic for achieving and sustaining excellent patient and family engagement, satisfaction and safety.

“The leaders at MHSC play an important role in ensuring that they promote the delivery of quality care. Our staff delivers on that promise. I couldn’t be more proud of our staff, leaders and physicians,” Richardson said.

In a letter to MHSC, Pat Fritz, Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Wyoming director, congratulated the hospital staff “who worked hard during the past year to improve and sustain the quality of care” in the hospital.

MHSC Director of Quality Amanda Molski said “Without the dedication and hard work of those at the bedside, successes such as this could not be achieved.”

“We have amazing teams of people here at MHSC who truly care about enhancing the quality delivery of care to Sweetwater County. This award recognizes the continuous improvement work they do,” Molski said.


The goal of Mountain-Pacific Quality Health is to promote excellence in providing health care that is safe, patient-centered and cost-effective. Each year, the organization recognizes hospitals across the state for the accomplishments to advance this goal within communities.

The award reflects how well Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County meets the health care needs of its patients and families in Sweetwater County, including continued expectations of high performance in patient and family engagement and satisfaction.

The award, according to Mountain-Pacific, is based upon several criteria which include:

  • Involvement in Mountain-Pacific quality initiatives (antibiotic stewardship, care transitions/readmission reduction, diabetes self-management, quality payment program, rural care transitions innovation project)
  • Antibiotic Stewardship Core Elements implemented in hospital’s outpatient departments
  • Use of a patient portal (maximizing electronic health technology)
  • Patient and family engagement strategies (Patient and Family Advisory Committee)
  • Patient satisfaction (the patient experience at MHSC)
  • Care coordination (ability to collaborate with local and regional partners to enhance care delivery)
  • Elements of leadership (leadership support and high level of commitment to performance in quality)

More details and information will be released following the Aug. 10 award presentation.

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