Memorial Hospital Of Sweetwater County Board Of Trustees Holds Regular Monthly Meeting

Members from the Board of Trustees at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County held their regular monthly meeting this evening at the Hospital.

Topics discussed ranged from the recent ribbon cutting for the clinic located on College Drive, budgets, multiple approvals, as well as authorization for the Hospital attorney to engage the CEO as an expert witness.

A few of the items that were approved were the approval to use ARUP Laboratories for lab work, the approval for a rental agreement for sleep test equipment, the approval for Fibertec for window washing services, as well as the purchase of a new fridge for the kitchen and a Space Lab monitor for infants.

The board also approved the contracts for five different physician recruitment agencies to assist the hospital in finding new doctors.

Board member Taylor Jones expressed to those in attendance that a few of the things the board has talked about or said may be misconstrued but invited all with questions or concerns to please visit with a member of the board on concerns. And concerning the search for a CEO was quoted as saying  “I want a person to fix what we have, not to add more.”

The next board meeting will take place June 7, 2017 at 3:00 pm at the hospital.


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