MHSC Board of Trustees Approves New Organizational Chart

During a special meeting yesterday evening, the Board of Trustees for Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County approved an organizational chart to include a clinic administrator.

The meeting comes after the board announced on April 5, 2017 that they are temporarily suspending the CEO search and will focus efforts on finding a clinic administrator.

During their special meeting, Interim CEO and current CFO Irene Richardson told the board that the clinic has taken up the majority of her time in the interim position. She said having a clinic administrator would help to resolve this issue and help the hospital to move forward.

Board President Richard Mathey said he wanted to ensure that avoiding layoffs is a priority. He noted that many of the things the board has focused on have not had prior policies or procedures in place and many of these items are new territory for the board.

The hospital board voted to approve the organizational chart to include a clinic administrator who will answer to the CEO.

The Board of Trustees can choose to amend the chart in the future if necessary.

Below is the organizational chart approved by the board:

Provided by MHSC Board of Trustees


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