National Fire Prevention Week Scheduled For October 2-6

When it comes to a fire in your home or work place, seconds are all it takes for a fire to completely engulf a building.


Fire Departments all across the country are participating in the National Fire Prevention Week which takes place Nationally the week of October 9-13 and here locally the week of October 2-6.

Members of the Rock Springs Fire Department will be visiting elementary schools all over Rock Springs during that week to discuss this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Every second counts: Plan 2 ways out” with students through presentations using puppets and clowns.

Members from the Rock Springs Fire Department attended a clown and puppet school a few years ago to help in assisting with the presentations. Topics will include things like don’t touch lighters or matches, get out stay out, and replacing batteries in smoke detectors regularly.

New topics to this year’s presentation include 60 minutes of exercise daily, healthy eating habits, kitchen safety, and knowing two ways out.

The hope of the Rock Springs Fire Department partaking in National Fire Prevention Week is to show children that firefighters are their friends and to hopefully be a mentor to others.

To view last year’s presentation click here.

View the Fire Prevention Week schedule below:

Date School Time
10/2 Desertview 9:25
Sage 14:30
10/3 Holy Spirit 10:00
Northpark 13:30
10/4 Westridge 9:15
Walnut 14:35
10/5 Headstart 10:30
Overland 14:30
Stagecoach 14:30

Other dates outside of Fire Prevention Week include:

9/19 Young at Heart 10:00
9/27 College 10:00

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