Be Sure To Layer Up This Hunting Season

Growing up my parents use to always make sure we had plenty of warm clothes on when we went outside in the winter time. Whether we were going hunting, sledding at Blairtown or just walking to the bus stop they made sure sure we were warm.

It would usually start with a base layer, then a mid layer of clothing and finally our outer layer. It use to drive me crazy that I had three layers of clothes on. But as I got older I understood why it was so important.

Now you don’t always need three layers. Start with a Non-cotton base layer. Cotton is never a good thing to wear in the winter time, as it retains moisture which can and will freeze. The Mid-layer provides you with the most flexibility due to allowing you to the adapt most temperatures and activities.

Wool socks are a very good thing to have. Making sure your feet are dry is best due to the fact that it can be very difficult to stay warm with wet cold feet.

Wearing clothing with plenty of insulation, that is breathable and designed for the activity you will be doing is a necessity.

Staying warm and dry will ensure that you will be able to have fun while outdoors no matter what you are doing.


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