Campfire Favorites


If you are like me, your favorite part of camping is the taste of smoke on your food. And with many spending their vacation time camping I felt that I would go ahead and share a few of my favorite campfire cooked food.


  • S’mores: I have yet to meet a person who does not like the s’more. These delicious treats are very easy to make and can be very filling. All you need is a graham cracker, half a chocolate bar, and a marshmallow.
  • Hot Dogs and Brats: These are an all time favorite among campers. All thats needed is a sturdy stick and hot dog or brat of your choice.
  • Dutch oven Potatoes: This is one of my personal favorites. Just slice potatoes into thin slices, add some butter, salt pepper, a little onion and cheese to a dutch oven and with the right amount of coals you have a tasty side dish.

  • Dutch oven Pizza: Pizza at camp? Thats right. It is really good. Take a large dutch oven, grease the bottom with cooking spray, place pre-made pizza dough on the bottom and top with your favorite toppings.  Add coals and sit back and enjoy the smell of your own campfire pizza.
  • Campfire TV Dinner: These are very quick and easy to make. Lay 2 sheets of tin foil on top of each other, add your choice of meat, and sides, wrap tightly, and place in the fire pit next to the fire. Be sure to use a shovel when placing in the fire as well as when you retrieve your dinner. Once cooked to desired time, carefully unwrap and add salt and pepper.

These are just a few of my favorite campfire foods. Feel free to share your favorites.


“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail.”

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