The Outdoorsman: Rabbit Hunting Tips

As an avid hunter, I have found that rabbits are one of the easiest and yet most fun animals to hunt. I have spent many hours of my life driving around the desert near Rock Springs looking for rabbits.

Today, I will share with you some of the techniques I use that have proven successful.

Abandoned Property

Some of the places I like to hunt in Sweetwater County are the many abandoned ranches, farms and oil buildings. These places tend to be neglected by other hunters and seem to provide great cover. Look for places with brushy ditches and overgrown fences. (When hunting on private property always be sure to get landowner permission).

Hunt Sunny Slopes on Cold Days
Some of the best success I have had occurred when it was very cold outside. Rabbits, like most mammals, will try to warm up in any way they can, resulting in them sitting out in the open on the sunny side of a rock or hill.

Hunt Early 
When it comes to hunting rabbits, I prefer to be out just after sun up. Rabbits tend to come out from their beds early to sun themselves and are usually easily spotted.

Work into the Wind
When you are able to, this approach pushes your noise and scent away from the rabbits and allows you to approach closer before the flushing the rabbits.

“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail”

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