Pacheco and Lowell Raise More Than $2800 For Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Two law enforcement officials competed head-to-head to see who could raise the most money in a breast cancer fundraiser, and they raised more than $2800 for the cause.

Rock Springs Chief Dwane Pacheco and Sheriff Mike Lowell raised a combined $2878.69 for a local women’s group to walk in the Susan G. Komen three-day, 60-mile walk in San Diego.

Chief Pacheco raised $1122 for the cause, and Sheriff Lowell raised $1756.68.

Because Chief Pacheco raised less money that Sheriff Lowell, he had his hair colored pink for breast cancer awareness. Due to Pacheco’s dark hair, a temporary spray dye was used so it would clearly appear in his hair. The coloring was done by local stylist Kathy Green.

The local group, Wyoming Women Hoofin It For Hope is raising funds for their members to attend the Susan G. Komen walk in San Diego in November. During the walk, members will walk 20 miles each day. In order to be eligible to walk in the event, each team member must raise $2300.


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