Police In Afton Seek Kidnapping and Assault Suspect

Police in Lincoln County and Afton, Wyoming are actively searching for a suspect who allegedly kidnapped a girl and assaulted a clerk yesterday evening.

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According to a release from the Afton Police Department, a girl was reportedly forced into a vehcile by a man from a location in Afton yesterday evening. The girl was taken to the Smoot, Wyoming area where she was able to escape and get help.

It is believed that the same suspect later went into a business in Afton and attempted to assault a female clerk in a back room.

In both incidents the suspect was described as a 43 to 45-year-old man, 5’8”-6’0″ tall and weighing 180-200 pounds. The suspect has sandy blonde hair in a crew cut and an unshaven face with a reddish-blonde mustache. He was wearing light brown or tan coveralls that were greasy or dirty. He reportedly had a strong body odor.

The suspect was reportedly driving a dark red or black older model single cab flated truck with Idaho license plates.

The Afton Police Department and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are actively searching for the suspect in these incidents. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Afton Police Department at 307-885-3141 or the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 307-885-5231.


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