Record-Setting Amount Of Diapers Distributed In Southwest Wyoming

More than 60,000 diapers were distributed to Sweetwater County families last year through the United Way of Southwest Wyoming’s (UWSW) Community Diaper Bank.

The total 60,031 diapers in 2017 was an increase of 6,079 diapers from 2016.  Food Bank of Sweetwater County is a vital community partner of the diaper bank, distributing the diapers at their locations in Rock Springs and Green River.

UWSW is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network and works to secure funding and diaper donations throughout the year. In addition to individual contributions, UWSW received several monetary gifts including: $3,500 from BP American Production Company, $2,000 from Kiwanis Club of Rock Springs, $500 from Tata Chemicals and United Steelworkers Local 15320, $405 from Anadarko, and $100 from Rock Springs Rotary Club. A grant was also awarded to the Community Diaper Bank from Wyoming Community Foundation, for $1,000. With these donations approximately 41,600 diapers were able to be purchased.

“We truly appreciate all the community support we have received that allows us to get diapers to babies who need them. Too many families face a daily struggle to secure a necessary supply of diapers. With this support we can close the gap of diaper need,” said Kelly Frink, UWSW Executive Director.

During the 2017 Diaper Need Awareness Week, several local businesses helped with a community wide diaper drive.

Throughout the year, the Community Diaper Bank received diapers through various diaper drives driven by a number of businesses, organizations, agencies, and anonymous donors.

UWSW began the Community Diaper Bank in 2013. Since then it has grown substantially. There is no government safety net program that provides diapers for babies. In the Wyoming workforce, 59% of females are mothers with infants. Most child care facilities require parents to provide diapers for their child. With the help of the Community Diaper Bank, parents are able to attend school or work.

In 2017, 339 parents used the Community Diaper Bank. In the United States, one in three mothers report suffering from diaper need and this continues to grow in Southwest Wyoming.

Please contact Shelley Richno at or 307-362-5003 if you are interested in running a diaper drive.

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