Rock Springs City Council Approves Fireworks Resolution

During their regular scheduled meeting tonight members of the Rock Springs City Council voted to approve a resolution allowing Mayor Carl Demshar to move forward in the process of opening a PayPal account allowing the residents and Businesses of Rock Springs to make donations for a Fireworks Display in 2018.

During the meeting Rock Springs Chamber President Dave Hanks spoke to the council and expressed the Chambers desire to assist in collecting the funds as many businesses have already approached him about donations for the fireworks display in 2018.

Rock Springs City Councilman David Halter expressed his desire to table to resolution allowing the council to look at other options of collection and expressed that the offer from Dave Hanks was something the Council should be looking at stating that the city should not be paying its employees and entities to solicit the community for funds and that he felt it would be a better option to look at other not for profit organizations to collect the donations for the city.

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Mayor Demshar spoke against tabling the resolution stating that the time to get a fireworks company onboard is fast approaching and that the council needs to make a decision sooner than later and expressed that the council will continue to look at other options.

The resolution was past in a 6-1 vote. Councilman Halter was the only one to vote against the resolution.




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