Rock Springs Historical Museum Update

Rock Springs, WY – On October 1, 2017 the Rock Springs Historical Museum will be under new direction.  After an extensive interview process, Jennifer Messer accepted the position of Museum Coordinator.  Jennifer is a native of Rock Springs and has a Master’s in Adult Education with an emphasis in History from the University of Wyoming.  Her Bachelor’s degree is from Montana State University in History and Art History.  She has been the Assistant to the Director at the Community Fine Arts Center for 17 years.


The Museum will also now report to Chad Banks, Manager of the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency (URA).  The council believes that this is a great opportunity to ensure that the museum is the gateway to downtown and is part of the revitalization effort.  Jennifer is looking forward to “preserving the history of our community.  I am so excited to see the Rock Springs Historical Museum grow and change, I’m especially looking forward to working with school children to spark a sense of interest in our local history.”

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The Rock Springs Main Street/URA is charged with the redevelopment of Downtown Rock Springs.  For more information contact the Rock Springs Main Street/URA at 307-352-1434 or visit their website at

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  1. Nice. Another joker with a degree, in ART history. And this relates to the history of RS from 1868 to 2017 how? (city history) Why is she reporting to Banks again? What does she mean by “… grow and change.”? That sounds very interesting to me. URA is nothing but an outfit for political appointees to get city jobs where there were none before, for them! These folks aren`t QUALIFIED to give a tour of downtown, much less “revitalize” it! Just what does that mean anyway? The museum as a “gateway”. Really? Don`t think so. The museum helping to “revitalize” downtown? THAT`S NOT THEIR JOB! Their place is to disseminate local history, to connect past with present. To provide a sense of place and time. NOT to help someone that wants to get their hands on we the peoples $$ to waste on useless projects downtown. “Union square” comes to mind. How stupid was that? Removing old buildings for use as PARKING LOTS for yet another COUNTY office also comes to mind. Yes, I took a walk one morning around downtown a couple of weeks ago. Did I read that the old URA head used her place as a springboard to a “better” county job a couple years ago? (over in GR) Interesting how all of these pieces fit together! Just how did we get along by BEFORE the URA? Sounds like more BIG government that we don`t need/want. (AND that our founders didn`t intend) Just a few of my thoughts. (by the way, I went to school as well. So nothing against schooling) But it should RELATE to what your doing in life. (NOT in this case teaching, art history, ect.) I do wish Jenn well with this now gig. But just know your place!

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