Rock Springs Mayor: Abusive Phone Calls About Snow Removal Will Not Be Tolerated

Snow, iceRock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar says abusive phone calls have been pouring into City Hall since the large snow storm earlier this month, and he said they won’t tolerate it.Airport

“The calls are abusive,” Mayor Demshar said during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting last night. “There is language used on that phone that you would probably hear in a bar but not many other places.”

Demshar said those answering phones at City Hall have received multiple calls in relation to snow removal, and some of them have involved yelling and offensive language. He said he has instructed employees to hang up if a call becomes abusive.

“If someone wants to call me and swear at me, I’ll deal with it there,” said Demshar. “But I will not tolerate, nor will this council tolerate, employees of this city being teed off on by our citizens who think we’re not doing our jobs up here. I know that there’s a lot of that sense out there, but you get a lot more action, you get a lot more results, if you can put your name down and you can talk normal to people.”

Demshar said the City of Rock Springs prioritizes snow removal routes with main roads taking the first priority followed by arterial routes—roads which feed to the main roads. In addition, streets with schools and routes to the hospital are a priority.

“Our residential streets, we try to get to those once the main streets are passable, once the arterial routes are passable, but I will tell you that we as a city, we do face challenges in the residential areas. In a lot of the areas in older Rock Springs, you have narrow streets, you have cars parked on both sides of the streets. I personally went down some of the streets, and I don’t know that you could even get a plow down those streets,” Demshar said.

Demshar noted that the 10 to 11 inches of snowfall was the largest snowstorm he has seen in Rock Springs in about 20 years. In addition, he said the rain the next day only further caused problems with snow removal and presented hazards on already snow covered roads.

“With that amount of snow in this city, we can’t be everywhere every minute of the day,” he said.

Demshar said the city has worked hard to clear snow and has already used half of the sand, salt, and chemicals used to treat the city’s roads. Crews traveled to Salt Lake City in order to pick up more snow removal materials following the storm.

Demshar said a meeting is scheduled to take place today to evaluate the city’s snow removal efforts.

The full City Council Meeting for January 17, 2017 can be viewed online at;id=557.

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