Rock Springs Snow Removal Priority Plan

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With snow flying in Rock Springs, snow plows and drivers are at work removing snow from the roadways.


The City of Rock Springs fields four snow plow trucks which operate around the clock if necessary and within operator safety measures and budgetary constraints. Rock Springs has more than 108 miles (280 lane miles) of streets.

During snow and ice removal efforts, the City of Rock Springs has a system to ensure priority areas are tended to first. These priority areas include arterial/collector streets which provide access to emergency services, major community centers, and schools.

Rock Springs does not have the resources to plow residential streets on a routine basis. During a winter storm event, the goal is to keep major roads passable. In the City’s Snow and Ice Control Guide, a “passable roadway” is defined as a roadway surface that is free from drifts, snow ridges, and as much ice and snow pack as is practical and can be traveled safely at reasonable speeds.

Anyone with questions about the Snow and Ice Control Program is asked to call the City of Rock Springs at 307-352-1500 or 307-352-1540.

Below is the City of Rock Springs Snow and Ice Control Priority Plan. Click here to the the full City of Rock Springs Snow and Ice Control Guide.

Priority I Streets  – These streets generally include principal arterial and collector streets. For example, Elk St., Dewar Dr., Grant St., Stagecoach, etc.; emergency access routes for ambulance, fire and police; streets near schools; and streets with steep grades or potentially hazardous intersections. (See Map below)

Priority II Streets – These streets generally include minor collector and high traffic residential streets such as Cascade, North Belt Route (Railroad), Prairie, etc.; These roadways will be plowed to maintain traffic flow, realizing that the traffic will have to travel appropriately for the conditions; some lower traffic volume residential streets with steeper grades are included in this category.  (See Map below)

Local or Residential Streets which are not Priority I or II streets are given sufficient service that will allow traffic to move safely at a restricted speed.  Plowing will be done on local/residential roadways only after priority I & II streets are cleared.  Adequate emergency access is the goal, so minimal plowing and ice melt applications will occur.

Image from City of Rock Springs Snow and Ice Control Guide.

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