Rock Springs URA Receives Grant For Bunning Park Beautification Project

The Downtown Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency will soon begin the demolition of properties located on J Street and Evans. The property on the south side of J Street will be used for additional parking. The property along Evans will be utilized as a road and a portion of the current road will be used for handicapped parking.

The funding for this project comes from a $500,000 Community Development block rant received from the Wyoming Business Council.

Staff from the State Historic Preservation Office is in the process of evaluating the vacant homes. Once the evaluations are complete, the City will move forward with demolition.


According to Rock Springs City Councilor David Tate, the City applied for the grant in 2015, but due to the way the economy is going it took about 18 months for the grant to be funded.

“We, as a City, are extremely excited that this project is finally moving forward,” Tate said.

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