Rotary Club International Helps Guatemalan Villagers

Rotary of Rock Springs, along with clubs from Evanston, Kemmerer and other clubs in the District have been helping villagers in Guatemala, who live in extreme poverty, for several years now, according to Rotary President Tim Savage. The recipients are indigenous Mayans who live on one crop of potatoes a year. Rotary initially provided two villages with a water catchment system so villagers don’t have to walk three hours round trip for water during the dry season.

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For the second project, they provided 2800 people in seven villages with latrines. These projects provide basic needs and are sustainable. The village councils are required to collect money annually from the villagers so they will be able to repair and replace the latrines and water tanks when needed. These upgrades are done in concert with the Rotary Club of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. “This is part of Rotary’s goal of reducing poverty and helping people become more self-sufficient throughout the world”, said Savage. On Tuesday, July 18, Julia Murray of the Evanston Club, will present an update on these projects to Rock Springs Rotary meeting at Young at Heart at 12:15 p.m.

“Guatemala was chosen because it is a country with significant needs. These indigenous groups make up 38% of the population with a poverty level of 76% with 28% living in extreme poverty. This is a remote area of Guatemala near the Mexican border that Wyoming Rotarians have visited and seen the need first hand on numerous occasions”, Murray stated.

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