Rock Springs Main Street / URA Presents Facade Grant To Local Business

Pictured left to right, are: Manuel Sola, Natacha Mahoney, Laurie Wood, Diana Wickersham, Randi Miller, Gloria Hutton (Rock Springs Main Street/URA) Brian Marincic, Maria Mortensen (Rock Springs Main Street/URA), Kevin Harper (Rock Sprigns Main Street/URA), and Tara Merritt. Picture courtesy of Rock Springs Main Street/URA.

The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency recently presented a Facade Improvement Grant to Southwest Real Estate LLC for the work on their building at 639 Pilot Butte Ave.

The Façade Improvement Grant entitles the applicant up to $5,000.00 reimbursement towards the total cost (sales tax amount excluded) of a façade improvement project. This is a matched grant and requires the applicant to pay for 50% of the total cost, while the grant pays for the remaining 50%, not to exceed $5,000.00. Sales tax amounts are not be included in the approved grant amount and is the responsibility of the applicant. The Façade Improvement Grant pertains to exterior improvements only and may be applied to a front, side, or rear facade provided it faces a public street or parking area.

Find more information at the Downtown Rock Springs website.


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