Suspicious Candy and Clowns Investigated by RSPD

The Rock Springs Police Department received one call of suspicious candy and two clown related calls during Halloween.300x250_wwcc_fall_2016

Rock Springs Police Public Information Officer Alison Deters said as of 10:00 a.m., the department has received one call about suspicious candy which had liquid on the inside. Officers believe the candy may have had something spilled on it, or it broke during transport.

“It did not appear to be anything harmful,” said Deters.

Officers will continue to respond to calls of suspicious candy if more calls come in.

The RSPD also responded to a call of a clown during the daytime hours. Responding officers determined there was no danger and the person was reported because they looked suspicious.

Another “clown call” was called in shortly before 10:30 p.m. at the Family Dollar on Dewar Drive. It was reported that someone dressed as a clown was chasing people in the parking lot. When officers arrived they were unable to make contact with anyone fitting the description. No injuries were reported.

If you see anything suspicious or find anything unusual in candy obtained during trick-or-treating, contact the Rock Springs Police Department at 307-352-1575.

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