RSPD Responds To Rock Springs High School Lockdown

According to a release from the Rock Springs Police Department, on Thursday, November 8, at approximately 8:44 a.m. Student Resource Officers from the Rock Springs Police Department responded to the Rock Springs High School in reference to a student causing a disturbance.




The school was put in lock down while officers were investigating the disturbance. A student was subsequently arrested and transported to the detention center.



There were no weapons involved and at no time were students or staff in any danger.


Additionally, officials from Sweetwater County School District #1 sent a report clarifying the incident;

Today Rock Springs High School went into a ‘hold in place’ due to a situation with a student involving law enforcement.  A ‘hold in place’ is identified in a school when there is a situation, such as a medical emergency or other situation where it is not appropriate to have students in the hallway or exiting classrooms. Due to the location in front of the office where this particular situation was occurring, the hold was changed to a lock down to make sure that students did not have access or sight to the incident occurring.  Police were involved and a student was arrested and removed from the school.  At no time was there a threat to the other students in the school.     

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