Selling Door to Door? Did You Know a License is Required?

The Rock Springs Police Department is issuing an advisory to those individuals in door to door sales to ensure that they have a valid city peddler’s license.

In the City of Rock Springs, all door to door sales must be conducted after obtaining a peddler’s license. A license can be obtained at City Hall, 221 D Street, at the City Clerk’s office. The vendor will need to fill out an application, pay the fee, and pass a background check. Fees are based on the terms of the license and number of employees. The minimum license fee is $25.00. The completed application process can take up to five days.

Vendors are responsible for following the city ordinance to conduct business. The ordinance prohibits calling at any dwelling or other places between the hours of 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. except by appointment; calling at any dwelling or other place where a sign is displayed bearing words “No Peddlers,” “No Solicitors” or words of similar meaning; calling at the rear door of any dwelling place; or remaining on any premises after being asked to leave by the owner, occupant, or other person having authority over such premises.

As a safeguard, if someone comes to your residence selling services or items, always ask to see their peddler’s license. Additionally, if you are suspicious or have other concerns please call law enforcement for assistance on our non-emergency line at 307-352-1575.

As a salesperson, ensure you have applied for the proper peddler’s license to avoid issues with law enforcement.

Rock Springs Police Department encourages citizens to always ask for identification if a salesperson shows up at your residence without scheduling an appointment or a service call.

Further information is available under the Rock Springs Ordinance Article 10-3 Transient Merchants, Peddlers, and Solicitors; Violations of this ordinance can result in a $160.00 fine for the first offense.

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