Sheriff And Sweetwater Scam Alert Warns Of Resurgent “Publisher’s Clearing House Scam”

(Sweetwater County, Wyo. – September 13, 2018) The “Publisher’s Clearing House Scam” has returned to Sweetwater County, and Sheriff Mike Lowell and Sweetwater Scam Alert wants people to avoid becoming victims.

Recently, swindlers are calling county residents from a number based in Kingston, Jamaica, to inform them that they have won $155 million and a 2012 Mercedes through Publisher’s Clearing House.



The only catch is that before he or she can claim their prize, the “winner” needs first to send in $9,999.32 in bogus “taxes” via a Money gram purchased at WalMart.

One person who called the Sheriff’s Office to report the scam said she told the caller she didn’t have the nearly $10,000 “tax fee,” but could send $2,000. The caller quickly agreed, and said she was still eligible for the prize, but at a reduced figure. (Fortunately, she sent the scammers nothing.)

“Of course, if you fall for this scam and send the money, you never hear from these people again,” said Lowell. “Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to swindles like this because they’re thrilled at the idea of obtaining a large sum for their extended families. This is why we ask people to talk with friends and family members who are seniors to warn them.”


“If you get one of these calls, just hang up and report it to us,” said Lowell. “Don’t waste your time talking to these people.”

For more information on this and many other fraud schemes, visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation website at  .

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