“Are Snipe Real?” My Coworker Asked

For many a “SNIPE HUNT” is a type of practical joke, in which an unsuspecting newcomer is duped into trying to catch a non-existent animal called a snipe. The “SNIPE HUNT” is a quest for an imaginary creature whose description varies.

Well recently the question came up in the office and I was asked, if in fact, snipe are a real bird as they were under the impression they were not. They even pulled up the clip from the movie “UP” with the boy on a snipe hunt. Well the snipe is a real bird.

The Common Snipe calls this region of the United States home. The Common Snipe,bears some resemblance to the the Woodcock and is approximately 12 inches in length, including the bill. It is a fair game bird, springing up with an unnerving squawk, flying a twisted course, and dropping suddenly to cover. This species, which inhabits temperate regions, includes Wilson’s snipe of North America, the Eurasian snipe, and the South American snipe.

And although I have not hunted them, there is a season for them here in Wyoming. Beginning September 1, through December 16, hunters are allowed to hunt these birds anywhere in the county except for near the Eden Reservoir and all lands within 300 yards of the high water.

With a limit of eight birds per day, and 24 in possession one should be able to have themselves a nice meal of snipe and potatoes.

Who knows, I may try to get a few of them this year.

Remember to stay safe out there.

“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail.”

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