Spirit Ride in Green River This Thursday July 12th

This Thursday, July 12th the Green River Urban Renewal/Main Street Agency and City of Green River will be hosting a Spirit Ride in Green River.


The Spirit Ride’s mission is to raise public awareness of the Move-Over law as it journeys in honor of fallen first responders.

The Spirit Ride draws attention to the dangers faced on the highways by the men and women of the police, fire, emergency-medical and towing services.

Hundreds of casualties a year are the result of cars and trucks passing too close, only inches from where work is being done on the shoulders and closed-off lanes. Highway workers of the DOT, Utility and Sanitation workers are also being struck. On average, there are 100 fatalities annually among first responders; 60% of them are tow operators.

The spirit ride for awareness will start at 11am.

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