Sweetwater #1 Continues With School Safety Efforts

Rock Springs Police Department School Resource Officers (SROs) will be leading the next professional development day for all of Sweetwater #1 Staff. Friday, October 19, 2018 is the end of the first quarter with no school for students. All District staff will be attending a school safety training for half of the day with schools and departments scheduled for a morning or afternoon session.




The Board of Trustees approved the District Strategic Plan back in June 2018. This training supports one of the goals of the District Strategic Plan:

Sweetwater County School District #1 will nurture a positive learning climate and culture.

  • Promote positive behaviors and relationships among students, staff, families and the community.
  • Ensure schools are safe and secure.
  • Proactively support physical, mental and emotional health.

Topics for the training include:

  • Role and responsibilities of the SROs
  • Research and data
  • The Safe2Tell Program
  • See something, say something
  • Staff empowerment (school safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility)
  • Empowerment to be an upstander vs. a bystander
  • Volumes of calls & issues, prevention & threat assessments
  • Indicators of danger, pathways of violence, threats and warning signs
  • Breakout sessions will occur for school and department staff to debrief



Building relationships with students and staff involving law enforcement and first responders is one of the best practices that can assist staff in being proactive to address safety measures within our District.” – Kelly McGovern, Superintendent of Sweetwater #1

Rock Springs Police Department School Resource Officers make every effort to stay up to date on training and current protocols. Our officers collaborate with Sweetwater #1 to provide a safe learning environment for all students.” – Dwane Pacheco, Rock Springs Police Chief.

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