Sweetwater County Fire Department To Host Wyoming’s Annual Fire Meeting

The Sweetwater County Fire Department will host the Annual Rural Fire Association and Wyoming Fire Chief’s Meeting in Rock Springs later this year.

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The meeting will run from November 28, 2018 through December 1, 2018 and is expecting to bring in 125 to 150 firefighters from around the state. This year’s meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn in Rock Springs

The meeting is hosted in a different Wyoming county each year and has been held annually since 1960. Sweetwater County has hosted the event twice with the last time being in the early 1980’s.

County Fire Warden Mike Bournazian attended the Sweetwater County Commissioners meeting requesting help with the planning process for the meeting.

Bournazian said he would need help setting up a line item in the budget which would track expenditures and revenue. He said there is a registration fee for the meeting which they would collect, and there are some expenses associated with the meeting.

In addition, Bournazian requested help in setting up a project code in order to keep transparency to see what funds are coming in and what’s going out.

Bournazian also told the Commissioners that he will request monetary support in the form of $5,000 if registration fees do not cover the full costs associated with the meeting. The $5,000 request will be for the next fiscal year’s budget in a line item separate from the rest of the department’s budget.

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