Sweetwater County School District #1 Issues Statement On Heat In Schools

Sweetwater County School District #1 has received many reports of high temperatures in classrooms.

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The District issued the following statement today regarding the issue:

Sweetwater School District Number One acknowledges that temperatures in August, September, May, and June can be hot and any building without air conditioning will experience warmer temperatures within the buildings.  Whether school begins in mid-August and this occurs, or ends in mid-June, this is a challenge that we acknowledge, have dealt with every year, and are continually working on.  It is not an uncommon sight for buildings that do not have air conditioning to have fans within the classrooms that staff have brought in.

For the 2017-2018 school year due to corrective actions that the District is required to fulfill per OSHA regulation, the District had to ensure that the fans could safely be used within a school and met specified requirements.  The District in an attempt to stream line the inspection process has scheduled specific days to come to schools and inspect the fans in order to get them back to the classrooms immediately. The District Facility department has also been responding and looking into concerns to remediate situations they are able to.  They have also ensured they are available for questions and concerns from staff.

Anytime during warmer months, some students may experience different symptoms induced by heat.  Often times this is more typical after coming inside from lunch recess or playing outside.  The school nurses and offices are always responsive in assessment and ensuring proper hydration of all students.

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  1. How about putting Air Conditioning into the budget and retrofit the schools that lack AC. Should get bids to see what the cost is going to be. Money is tight, maybe a study on what a small mill levy might cover the cost?
    Is the 1 cent tax feasible or does the hospital get it every year? Just suggestions; thinking about the kids and the staff

  2. OSHA approved fans start at $34 on Amazon. Bought in bulk they would be even less. There are 4-5 schools that don’t have AC. With all the other things that the district spends on, this seems like a small expense to help a large number of students and teachers.

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