Sweetwater County’s Special Use Tax To End

Tax payers will soon pay one percent less in taxes on items sold in Sweetwater County.


Effective April 1, 2018, a one percent special purpose tax will no longer be applied to purchases made in Sweetwater County. This will reduce the amount people pay in sales tax from six percent to five percent.

The special purpose tax was approved by voters in the 2012 election and went into effect in April of 2013. The ballot initiative allowed for $81,816,412 to be collected through a sixth penny tax for use on infrastructure throughout the county. Entities who receive portions of the tax include Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, Castle Rock Hospital District, Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, Green River, Wamsutter, Superior, and Granger.

It is anticipated that the full amount will be collected prior to April 1st. Because the tax must be stopped at the end of a fiscal quarter, it is anticipated that the tax will be over collected by approximately $200,000. The over-collected amount will be remitted after one year to the entities receiving the initial sixth penny tax in the percentage they received from the initial ballot initiative.

While there is a possibility that another sixth penny tax could be on the ballot for this year’s election, the County Commissioners said they would prefer to give the tax payers a break and allow entities time to come up with projects before putting it on the ballot. The Commissioners noted they would prefer to see another sixth penny initiative in the 2020 election.

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