Take A Walk Through An Old Mine Town

Growing up in Sweetwater County, the outdoors have always been a huge passion of mine. With so many things to see and do it is hard to see how someone can be “bored” on the weekend.

One of my favorite activities to do during the spring time is to slip on the old hiking boots, grab my camera, load the dogs in the truck and head just north of the BLM Wild Horse Corrals to the old Coal Mining town of LionKol.

There is plenty of history for you to view. From the old foundations which still remain, to the old mine entrances that have since been filled in. Hiking around the remains of the town provides you with the opportunity to find old glass bottles as well as tin cans, and even an old tire or two. And if you’re lucky, you may even see a few deer or antelope passing through.

The next time you and the family find yourself wanting something fun to do, load up into the truck and just head on out to one of the many coal mining towns throughout Sweetwater County that not only offer a great history lesson, but also an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy all that Southwest Wyoming has to offer.

“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail”

To view a map of the many coal towns in Sweetwater County, click on the link below.


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