Two Stores Submit Plans For Space At White Mountain Mall

IMAG0003The City of Rock Springs has received plans for two new businesses to move into the space in White Mountain Mall formerly occupied by JC Penney.First-Choice-Ford

Chief Building Inspector Jeff Tuttle confirmed the City has received plans for T.J. Maxx and Petco to move into White Mountain Mall.

Tuttle said the city finished reviewing plans for Petco last week, and required changes have been sent back to Petco for their review.

Plans for T.J. Maxx are currently under review, and Tuttle said the review is expected to be complete by the end of the week.

Under the current plans, Petco would occupy approximately 12,000 feet of the space, and T.J. Maxx would take up the remaining area. Rouse Properties, which owns White Mountain Mall, said in a previous statement that the space is 34,300 square feet in total.

Tuttle said the two stores would be divided by a wall which will be put up just to the right of what used to be the front entrance to JC Penney. With such a division, Petco would take the space on the very end of the mall. Petco would only have access from outside, and T.J. Maxx would have access both from inside and outside the mall.

Brittany Farrell, Public Relations Supervisor for The TJX Companies Inc. representing T.J. Maxx, was unable to confirm a store is opening in Rock Springs, but provided the following comment. “We anticipate that a new T.J.Maxx store may open in Rock Springs sometime this Fall.”

For Petco, Corporate Communication & Public Relations Intern Stephanie Wilson said, “I can confirm we are exploring locations in the Rock Springs, WY area. As of now, I can’t confirm any more specific details.”

Representatives from White Mountain Mall were unable to comment, but a sign reading “T.J. Maxx Coming Soon” has been placed outside of the mall.

4 Comments on "Two Stores Submit Plans For Space At White Mountain Mall"

  1. Seriously? Petco? That will now make four of these stores in town….Joe’s Pet Depot, Murdocks, Zoobecks and now this? It is as bad as the 23 Mexican restaurants we have in this town. Help support our local stores that we have, (ZooBecks for small animals) And keep Murdocks for the large animals. Bring in more clothing stores for adults so that we don’t have to travel to SLC all the time. Sheesh!

  2. Why Petco? Also, can’t the space from the hallmark store be used? T.J. Maxx should have the whole JCP space.

  3. Murdock’s isn’t a pet store!!!

    • Joe, I agree that it is not a pet store. It is a supply and tack store. I get it but you can’t by horses and large animal stuff from Petco. Local business people who care about your town and interests need to be supported or they will go out of business. I go to Zoobecks not only for the pets and supplies but because they are incredibly knowledgable and their customer service is outstanding. Same with Murdocks. Though they are a regional store they cater to our lifestyle here in WY. You start buying into the BIG stores like Petco, your local businesses lose.

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